A letter to say… I tried and succeeded

What you say about the Camino and having a difficult time describing the experience to others is so true. I did the Camino because my husband wanted to do it and wanted me to join him. A friend had done the Camino and wanted to do it again but her health prevented that. I wasn’t sure I could  walk the distance but wanted to try for my husband, who has always done what I have asked of him over our 45 years of marriage and  to bring my friend  on the walk with me in my heart.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. Words cannot explain totally the feelings but I wrote this letter to try to express what the Camino meant to me.  I put it at the end of a book of Photos from the Our Camino.  Something that I cannot  put into words is how proud I feel of myself to have tried and succeeded in doing the walk, something I didn’t think I was capable of.
                                                      Our Camino Ends or Does It?
       The emotions and memories that came from this journey are unforgettable.
        To be with my partner in life, to have no commitments or appointments… to
        just get up each day and the only task is to walk together, to enjoy nature and
        each other – no cares or worries at that moment in time. Walk at our own pace
        – take it all in and feel the love we have for each other with no distractions.
        Time to think of our children and grandchildren, family and friends and to
         appreciate what God has given us.
                                     Most importantly
                      it gave us time to enjoy and appreciate us!

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