A letter to… my father – we’ve forgiven each other at last

Dear Dad, You weren’t with me on my Camino – and you’d been dead for some 20-odd years – but you were along for the walk all the same.   Trudging through Galicia in the rain, I felt the long,  painful slog that your life was.   Laughing with pretty women in cafes, I felt […]

A letter to… a would-be pilgrim

Dear Pilgrim, Are you having second thoughts?  Pre-Camino doubts?  Well, don’t! I stumbled across the Camino Frances whilst on holiday and as we drove along the motorway close to Burgos, I could hear it whispering… come walk.  I was a rather plump, middle aged woman.  I was three years clear of cancer and maybe I […]

A letter to say… I tried and succeeded

What you say about the Camino and having a difficult time describing the experience to others is so true. I did the Camino because my husband wanted to do it and wanted me to join him. A friend had done the Camino and wanted to do it again but her health prevented that. I wasn’t […]

A letter to God… I know who you are now!

Dear God – I Know Who You Are Now! OK, we both know I didn’t really believe all the stories.   I was dragged into churches for most of my young life, made to sing hymns with incomprehensible lyrics and listen to sermons with even more incomprehensible jargon.  It’s a wonder any kid grows up […]

A letter to… my younger self: Wake Up!

They say that you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.  Sadly it’s true.  Here I am, in my 58th year, and only now am I beginning to realise what life is all about, and the things that should be important. It’s taken a solitary often painful walk, totally unplugged from the ‘World’ for […]